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We are a software development team that helps people to be better and achieve their goals using technology as a path of change.


Leave a mark with projects that inspire people through creative solutions to challenging problems.


Become the most important tech company in our region, recognized worldwide by the quality of their products and the attention to detail.


Our values

In the middle we find the positive

Balance defines us. We view it as something positive and apply it to every aspect, be it professional or personal.

Quality differentitates us

We are commited with the quality in our projects, ever trying to find the most effective method for achieving objectives. Aspire always for the best.

Adapt and evolve together

We can always become greater. We believe that acquiring new knowledge is an ongoing task, as well as sharing it. We grow together, leaving no one behind.

Simple, yet amazing

In Positive Zero, simplicity and minimalism is paramount. However, simplicity is not simple. We are continously looking for the best ways of disposing the superflous and focusing only on the important bits.

Listen with care

We value open and sincere comunication. Every idea and opinon must be heard. We accept critiques and incentivize feedback.

Overcome challenges while innovating

Every problem is different, which is why coming up with a solution requires effort and initiative. Collective creativity and innovation show us the path for overcoming challenges

Don't make assumptions

We value research and curiosity over making assumptions. We make sure that our thoughts and acts are built on testable grounds.

Be spontaneous and authentic

We are not perfect, but we are authentic. Express your style in what you do. Enjoy work by being spontaneous and truthful.

We love numbers

Our develpers are scientists. We find answers in data and measure everything we do to make progress.

Commit yourself to success

Hard work beats talent. Everyone is capable of achieving great things if they set their mind to it.

Meet the team

We are made up of individuals who are not satisfied with ordinary. We want to make a positive impact on our community and the world.

Fernando Pinedo

Alejandro Vilchis

Sergio Saucedo

Ramses Cadena

Andres Peña

Let's work together!