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Resultados Aspirantes

Platform to show applicants their admission result to Technological Institute of Saltillo and the management of the induction courses.

Resultados Aspirantes - resultados-aspirantes/1.pngResultados Aspirantes - resultados-aspirantes/2.pngResultados Aspirantes - resultados-aspirantes/3.pngResultados Aspirantes - resultados-aspirantes/4.pngResultados Aspirantes - resultados-aspirantes/5.pngResultados Aspirantes - resultados-aspirantes/6.png

The objective of this project was to make a simple flow of data to show applicants their results and to improve the control of induction courses for teachers and administrators in Tec Saltillo.


Tec Saltillo


Web development




The process for loading with authentication presented an error for some pages. There was not an apparent reason nor an apparent way to fix it, the version of the library was changed and we searched for each change in every version since the problem first occurred. But only after we examined line by line of code we could fixed it.


Storage management

Authentication and user management

CSV imports

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